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My fuck buddy had day off and need to relieve some stress. He bare fucked my hole for a good hour or more before heading to lunch. Next time we will get him filling my hungry hole with cum.<br />

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by Calgaary84 2 years ago

Gymsocal, don't feed the troll. You're hot, vid was great, fuck what anybody else tells you :)

by gymsocal 3 years ago

Dear Californication

Thanks for the kind words about my video. You motivate me since it was my second and was unplanned. Your keen critical eye must come from NEVER creating one yourself but watching what other have uploaded.

you are correct. I should sit alone making judgments. I will feel great pity for all those idiots getting laid while I sit alone jacking off watching them.

Thanks again for the encouragement. Encouragement to Block you, Californication, and your lonely sad ass.