Dont drop the soap...Take 3

The 1st upload doesn't work so this is the replacement!!! This 1 goes out to all the men out there that have spent a little or a lot of time locked up at 1 point of your life or another. We each have our own individual stories that got us there and I pray we are all out able to enjoy what liberties and freedom we have. Every now and then my mind will wander back to that space and time and fantasize about the sexy men I met there and some of the things I wish I took advantage of in my "side trip" there. Of course this is the standard scenario the best for encounters of this kind of situation thankfully the men I met were hotter and darker or latino but u get the point. Enjoy this throwback

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by KroniXxX 11 years ago

It should be working now please try again
@ your leisure

by ixlnxs 11 years ago

Thanks for the upload! Sex in showers, saunas and steambaths is my no. 1 fetish.