2 hands-free bottom, stealth and breed

bottom cums hands-free by fucking then top takes condom off and btm cums again by breeding.

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by rubberrat 5 months ago

Have done it again within the last week: Fucked a guy in a Club in the dark room - he insisted on me rubbering up: Used a tampered condom - jut before I came off I felt it split - so pushed deeper and came buckets into him really deep. Showed him the condom at the end - which was just a piece of rubber - don't know if he understood what I'd done.

by rubberrat 6 months ago

Sure he did: I've been there and done it: Nothing - absolutely nothing in this world like the feeling you get when you've ripped off the condom - or, better, deliberately made it split - and then go on to come deep in his arse knowing your toxic little swimmers are going to change things for ever for him. Pozzing.