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Looking to make pozzing/charging/breeding videso. Chub NEGATIVE bottom looking for POZ boys to use a raw hole and breed it full of poz seed while recording it. Love dirty talk, poz talk, anonymous, raw, group, toxic, etc.
Tags: raw, poz, seed, bareback, bb, toxic, load, cum, charged,
Created: 9th July 2014
Status: Public

Members: 5 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 0
looking for some poz tops, there vill poz me, I vill travel for my pozzing I can tavel to hamburg the 18 or 19 junie to be pozzed please help me to become poz
Tags: poz bugchaser
Created: 10th June 2014
Status: Public

Members: 8 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 1
Seuchengoile Spermahure lässt sich infizieren, gerne auch vor der Cam! Nur in MUC.
Tags: Conversion Bareback Hardcore Pozzing Drecksau
Created: 7th June 2014
Status: Public

Members: 2 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 0
ich ,25, w,noch negativ, suche positiven Hengst,
Tags: pozzen fotze
Created: 28th April 2014
Status: Public

Members: 8 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 0
Wer gibt mir sein verseuchtes Sperma oder Blut? Will endlich POSITIV durchs Leben gehen!!!
Created: 2nd February 2014
Status: Public

Members: 7 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 2
Looking for my poz Tops who are in New Jersey or can travel here to give me the gift. I'm a chaser looking for someone to give me the bug if you want to do it hit me up. I have personal email FkeyportNJ@gmail.com
Tags: poz pozzing bug chaser bug chasers neg
Created: 14th January 2014
Status: Public

Members: 3 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 0
Negative Barefotze in München will endlich gepozzt werden! Je mehr versoichte Ladungen desto geiler! Meldet Euch!
Tags: Pozzing Toxic Conversion
Created: 2nd January 2014
Status: Public

Members: 7 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 1
FuckBody 4 Active POZ-Top Man Boy How know to use me Deep inside i like all the body suck kiss - suck Dicks - become Deeptrohat Mouthfucks Skullfucks also to the end my Top force me to Swallow all down POZ Seed Sperm Cum Piss from - like suck ass clean best you can strech me a lot wide open and make me deep ! Have all ready drink Piss Urine Sperm Cum Seed Spit Snod tham times so my top friend have force me to do it and swallow all ill cum high virus load POZ with STDS down!

Members: 33 | Media: 5 | Discussions: 4
A place for FULL BLOWN TOPS to hook up with hungry neg bottoms needing the maximum amount of HIGHLY TOXIC VIRAL LOADS pumped in them for full and complete conversions.
Created: 10th January 2013
Status: Public

Members: 123 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 19
I am coming to miami for 1 week, to work. would love getting really toxic pozloads in my neg arse. High VL, blacks, latinos welcum.
Created: 27th August 2012
Status: Public

Members: 6 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 0