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suche abfick in asylheim oder vergleichbares. auch obdachlose. wer hat möglichkeit oder kontakte? gerne dreckig. nur bare ohne wenn und aber. kann auch anonym durchgeführt werden das ich nichts sehe etc. suche nichts zu zweit!!!! lasse alles über mich wer hat kontakte zum knast oder exknasties
Tags: pozzing, raw, rape, brutal, dirty
Created: 30th June 2015
Status: Public

Members: 12 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 1
Place for Poz hvl or undetectable guys to find Neg. asses to breed.
Created: 3rd May 2015
Status: Public

Members: 7 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 1
this Group is for perv guys with no Limits at all (except safe sex)
Tags: perv pozzing inc public aids stealth
Created: 25th February 2015
Status: Public

Members: 58 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 1
bottom coming to Columbus usa in may. want poz gifters to breed be for week end. all cock all loads waste none. email for more and contact info. leave all loads internal with me to keep . BB no pull out ever. POZ ONLY NO STD'S
Tags: pozzing, breeding spit roast conversion, DP
Created: 9th February 2015
Status: Public

Members: 5 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 2
Deutsche toxic Fuckgeile Männer die ungefragr mehr wollen und einfach anderen geben POZZFUCKS anonym cruising oder der sau dabei sagen was abgeht - dirty poztalk - pervers ficken ohne nachdenken
Tags: ^pozzer aids death kids rape deutsch skin macho
Created: 7th February 2015
Status: Public

Members: 71 | Media: 18 | Discussions: 5
Sadist master.....very into sorting out pozzing for neg sluts who crave it....into control and making sluts crave it. All sluts in Uk or london let me know.....also poz toxic breeders who will load into the bugchasers....
Tags: Poz breeding conversion
Created: 26th January 2015
Status: Public

Members: 34 | Media: 1 | Discussions: 2
For guys who travel into charged loads,taking and receiving and looking for hookups with like minded guys.666 welcome. If your looking to hookup list your travel dates or your home city and what your looking for. Only members of this group will see your posting. Hail
Tags: poz, pozzing, toxic, cum, convert, charge, AIDS
Created: 11th November 2014
Status: Private

Members: 75 | Media: 26 | Discussions: 5
Ich suche cum, Sperma, Rotze ... wer schickt mir sein gesammeltes cum? Ich stehe so sehr auf cum-Spiele. Du schickst mir dein cum, ich poste im Gegenzug dafür hier die Bilder, wie ich es schlucke oder wie ich damit gefickt werde.
Tags: cum poz pozzing cumswapping
Created: 22nd August 2014
Status: Public

Members: 10 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 2
Im bttm and never refuse a bare load, prefere. Pozcum Love no meds fuckers
Tags: Bare pozzing aids public parking sauna
Created: 24th July 2014
Status: Public

Members: 15 | Media: 0 | Discussions: 1
Chicago men who are looking for NSA hookups with men who like getting to the point and are poz friendly. Lets party.
Tags: Chicago, Midwest, breed, poz, 666, pozzing, bio, cum, orgy, group, seed, loads, toxic
Created: 24th July 2014
Status: Public

Members: 14 | Media: 24 | Discussions: 2