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Worship POZ Cock ( Group Home )
Owner: Fuckboi
Created: 27th January 2013
Status: Public

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As a bottom, your main priority in life should always be in worshiping POZ cock and getting the next load of hot POZ seed pumped into you and to always be serving as many men as possible by taking their POZ cum and piss deep inside you. We should always be focused on swapping charged cumloads and finding more and more hot raw cocks to fill our holes with toxic loads. The more throbbing POZ cocks that fuck us and fill us with their dirty seed and piss, the higher our intense pleasure becomes and the more we crave more and more anonymous POZ fuckers to use our holes for their ultimate extreme pleasures. We should always strive to take as many POZ strains as we can get, any load from any man and any cock. All that we should ever care about is swapping dirty loads and getting rock hard POZ cocks to shoot their hot fuckseed into us as often as possible! We should all fuck with insatiable desire and abandon, get bred as often as we can and collect and spread toxic loads to and from as many different men as possible! As a POZ top, your main priority in life should always be on dumping another load of toxic cum into any willing ass that has been provided for your ultimate pleasure. Blasting your dirty seed into ass after ass, combining it with the sperm of other dudes that have also fucked their cum into the hole. You need to constantly search for horny neg bottoms waiting to be fucked by your hard raw fuckmeat and breed them deep with your dirty seed, doing whatever it takes to plant your DNA deep up their asses and infect them with your juice. The more holes you can seed the higher your pleasure becomes. No matter what a guy might say, deep down he secretly wants your POZ seed. By fucking your charged loads up every ass you can you're helping bottoms to realize the ultimate pleasures of being the total cumsluts they were born to be and they will be so thankful. Spreading your dirty seed to an unlimited number of men who will then go on to share your seed with tons of other guys is the horniest, most glorious thing in the universe!

Tags: poz breed toxic seed worship infect share

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