Being a Cum Dump at San Francisco Pride 2017

My first Pride in SF and the odd time a guy would let me record him. Thursday was my 59 load motel Gangbang (Folsom’s was 84 loads), Friday was the Hell Bound party by Treasure Island 38 loads, Saturday was 41 loads at Steamworks and 442, Sunday I was 3.5 hours late for Cum Union and left at 30 Loads (Folsom was 63). I went on the hunt for more loads after Cum Union. Alley behind Folsom Gultch, delivering my ass door to door in Castro and finished at a park. I cleared the 63 and finished with 203 loads total in 4 nights.

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by Perversesschwoin 3 days ago

das braucht meine votze auch

by nakedbearback 3 months ago

Love a sloppy slutty ass.